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The Adega do Cartaxo and the Ribatejo rebirth

Text João Pedro de Carvalho | Translation Bruno Ferreira

Founded in 1954 by a group of 22 associates, the Adega Cooperativa do Cartaxo has its roots in a region with a strong wine tradition and historical references to this activity that go back to X century. The Adega operated, until 1974, at the premises of the former Junta Nacional do Vinho (the current IVV), since then it operates in the current facilities, always investing in strengthening its human and technological resources at the service of a better wine production. Presently, the Adega do Cartaxo has 216 associated with a 616 hectares’ vineyard area, of which 244 are DOC and 370 IGP, and it is, with no doubt, another good example of an Adega Cooperativa that knew how to remodel and update itself to the needs of the market and consumer demands. The image remodeling of its main wines creating appealing and distinctive labels are part of that new image, the quality of the wines with the oenology in charge of Eng. Pedro Gil has paid numerous awards nationally and abroad.

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Adega do Cartaxo – Photo Provided by Adega Cooperativa do Cartaxo | All Rights Reserved

With a portfolio filled with countless references, I decided to focus my attention on those who, for me, are the company’s stars. Bridão Private Collection 2013 is the first of a set of three wines that I selected. This wine has a blend of Touriga Nacional and Alicante Bouschet, 50/50, and aged for 10 months in Portuguese oak barrels. A mature wine, concentrated and opulent, full of ripe fruit with a touch of spices. Good freshness surrounding it, soft and sweet tooth and, with a good complexity and the ease with which it captivates, let’s say that it is one of those wines that easily pleases without having much to think about, because those who drink wine do not have to waste time thinking. A person drinks because it tastes good and this wine tastes good, it tastes very well.

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The three wines – Photo by João Pedro de Carvalho | All Rights Reserved

Hopping now to the Bridão Reserva white 2014, composed by the Fernão Pires and Arinto grape varieties, which fermented and aged in French oak barrels for 3 months. The result is a white that combines the weight of the fruit with a good freshness and a sensation of warmth given by the wood. The set of aromas is in a such way inviting that it literally suggests a lemon meringue pie, both in aroma and taste, where the acidity is shown strong but with the expected rounding/creaminess conferred by the passage by wood. Good to go along with fish in the oven or grilled dishes with butter and lemon sauce. To end, the Bridão Reserva red 2013, which brings together the Touriga Nacional, Alicante Bouschet, Tinta Roriz and Syrah grape varieties, and aged for 6 months in French oak barrels. All nicely wrapped with vegetal and fresh notes, forest fruits in very ripe black tones, the wood wraps the set and a plus note for the good work with the barrels. Good complexity in a serious profile that is easy to like, it’s appealing despite the slight austerity and it seems to have some tobacco, pepper, and slight balsamic showing up in the background. These are three quite appealing wines priced below € 10 that easily win the consumer at the table, if there is good food around.

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