Brand & Identity


Why the name Blend | All About Wine?

This name was created in March 2013 and it is in English to be readable and understood in the global market.
The name has two parts: the strongly distinctive word “blend” and the expression “all about wine” that indicates the products/services of the brand.
The word “blend” has a technical meaning in the wine sector and other meanings that are all connected with the business idea.

In fact, “blend” means:
  • Wine blend ("Lote" in Portuguese)

    the mix of wines and/or grape varieties that reflects the typical profile of Portuguese wines

  • Association

    it also reflects the growing collaboration between winemakers and wine producers in Portugal

  • Fusion

    it is related with the fruitful combination of the personal and professional profile of the two founders

  • Aggregation

    it refers to the team and its technical skills in multiple valences, its range of action (national/international) and its common passions and expectations about Portuguese wines

  • Integration

    of different approaches on wine contents and on wine communication

  • Harmony

    between wine themes and other related themes like wine tourism, hotels, gastronomy, wine parings

  • Balance

    between the 3 company activity areas, based on a strategy of sustainability and profitability of the business

Corporate Identity


To achieve a landmark position in the market of wine writing, wine events and wine tourism through an entrepreneurial and engaged team, customer oriented and with quality assurance.


To be Portuguese Wine Ambassadors: we want to contribute to put Portugal on the wine map. Blend is an integrated and transversal space to share wine experiences and knowledge and to promote Portuguese wines in the world.


“Think outside the bottle”, because it’s necessary “to do more, better and different”.