Tailor Made

Blend | All About Wine

At Blend All About Wine, we believe that there is no substitute for individual knowledge and experience which enables us to deliver a truly personal service to all of our customers. We offer an extensive range of “off the shelf” packages and you may find that one of these will already suit what you are looking for, however we also assist individual travellers to plan tailor-made wine tours.

We have assessed many of the hotels, restaurants, wineries and other activity providers in the regions and have selected only the best so you can be certain that there will not be any nasty surprises when you arrive. If you want to have your ideal trip without any stress, talk to us. We can prepare private, bespoke itineraries for any budget. We will discuss your requirements with you in detail and send you a draft proposal and can then arrange everything including booking your hotel and travel, sending you maps, city plans, restaurant and vineyard recommendations and an itinerary so that your trip goes smoothly.


If you prefer something different than our scheduled wine tours we can tailor a wine tour specifically to your requirements.

Perhaps you want to travel with a group of your friends, colleagues, business associates or customer. The tours can be focused on wine only or can be combined with other things such as gastronomy workshops, fado, golf, beach, cultural visits, etc.


Are you studying on a wine education program? Are you a wine enthusiast who wants to learn more on in detail on a specific subject? Do you have a team that needs honing of the wine skills? We can organise educational and training tours according to your specific needs.

Conferences, customer events, sales meetings, team building camps, secluded board meeting. Arrange your meeting in a very special place. From a small private party of just a few people who need privacy, to large groups with special requirements. We can help you organise it and make sure it becomes a lasting memory for the people you bring.

Are you a retailer looking for new suppliers? Want to discover new winemakers and new wines?

Talk to us about your requirements and what you are looking for and we can design a trip for you that will allow you to find new wine producers to include in your selection.

It can also be a wine tour created specifically for a wine importer that he can offer to his contacts or VIP customers. It will be a unique opportunity to showcase your producers to your best clients, by taking them around to meet your favourite wine suppliers.