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Blend | All About Wine

Olga and Patricia met in 2011 as contributors of a Portuguese wine magazine, but only in March 2013, during a dinner, did they shared their professional goals about the wine world.

With the same background (Law) but different knowledge and experiences in the wine sector, they realized that they had the same expectations and complementary points of view and that they could do something interesting with it.

Their big adventure had just begun! After one year of many conversations, meetings, business plans and frequent brainstorming, blend | all about wine was born as an online communication company of Portuguese wines, that works in three synergetic activity areas which have English as their main language.

The three activity areas

Wine Magazine

Regular online writing about wine and related themes, such as gastronomy, wine parings, restaurants, wine tourism, hotels and lifestyle

Wine Events

Organization and production of different kinds of wine and gastronomy events, of small and medium size and designed for distinct target audiences

Wine Tourism

Design and trade of several wine touristic programs, which will happen in all the Portuguese wine regions but with the initial focus in the Porto city and the North of Portugal.

Undoubtedly, blend | all about wine has its genesis in Jancis Robinson’s speech presented at Celorico da Beira Conference in March 2011
 “How to put Portugal in the wine map?”
 available online for members of

In this speech, there were four important key points for the conception of the blend | all about wine project and the whole business idea:


In order to spread the word about Portuguese wine, it’s important to recognize enthusiasts and specialist writers but also to cultivate new wine writers in other markets


Increase the association of Portuguese wine with our gastronomy of modern aesthetic;


Improve the great combination of wine and tourism (markets with the same consumers);


Communicate in English so that Portugal can become part of the global online wine community.

blend | all about wine‘s genesis has Sarah Ahmed’s (The Wine Detective) direct influence as well. In fact, her knowledge, her professional attitude and also her increasing passion and devotion to Portugal and Portuguese wines have become an important source of inspiration for the creation of the project.

Nevertheless, blend | all about wine would not be possible without our talented and passionate team of writers, tasters and other professionals, coming, for now, from three different countries – Portugal, Great-Britain and Finland.

By coincidence (or “vision”), it should be pointed out that this project is born at a very well-timed moment:


Porto city has just been elected the Best European Destination 2014 and won this title ahead of 19 big European cities;


Portuguese wine is the great touristic potential and the key-product that should be communicated internationally by Portugal as a touristic destination (this is the result of a study made by IPDT, a Portuguese Tourism Institute, published in February at the IX International Tourism Forum 2014).

Welcome to Blend | All About Wine!