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Justino’s – Madeira Wine

Text Bruno Mendes

Madeira is an important part of the portuguese wine history. One of its many stories goes back to 4th of July, 1776, when it was present in the independence of the United States toast.

Harvests in Madeira are not easy and at Justino’s, a Madeira wine-producing company, founded in 1870, they seek to pick the right time to harvest the grapes and select only those that best fit the wine to be made. From dry to sweet, it’s important to choose the right time to stop fermentation and at Justino’s they don’t stop on their experience and knowledge, focusing on a constant improvement of its facilities and equipment, thereby enhancing the quality of its production, complementing the traditional methods with the latest technologies available to this sector.

For a more detailed view, see the video below:

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