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Júlio B. Bastos Garrafeira Alicante Bouschet 2007

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On the way out of Quinta do Mouro and towards Monforte, I turn left just before the supermarket area where a sign indicates Agroturismo. Just ahead is Quinta Dona Maria, that according to history was acquired by King João V to offer a courtesan, Dona Maria, for whom he was hopelessly in love. This Quinta is also known as Quinta do Carmo, because after the construction of the house a chapel was built in 1752, which was dedicated and devoted to Nossa Senhora do Carmo.


Quinta Dona Maria – Photo by João Pedro de Carvalho | All Rights Reserved

The wine was always a part of the Quinta, along with its impressive marble lagares, but it was only in the 1980s with João Portugal Ramos’ oenology that Júlio Bastos, the current owner, would begin to sell their wines, with an emphasis on the fantastic Garrafeira Quinta do Carmo 1985, 1986 and 1987, where the Alicante Bouschet emerges. The link of this grape variety to Quinta Dona Maria comes with one of its former owners, John Reynolds (Herdade do Mouchão) married to Isabel d’Andrade Bastos.

The years passed and after selling the trademark Quinta do Carmo to Bacalhoa group, Júlio Bastos decided to relaunch in 2003 the wines with the name Quinta Dona Maria. He recovered the oldest vineyard of Alicante Bouschet and in 2004 harvest, with Sandra Gonçalves’ oenology, he launched the first Garrafeira Dona Maria as a tribute to his father, Júlio Bandeira Bastos.


Júlio B. Bastos Garrafeira Alicante Bouschet 2007 – Photo by João Pedro de Carvalho | All Rights Reserved

Júlio B. Bastos Garrafeira Alicante Bouschet 2007 is the result of a selection of the best grapes from Alicante Bouschet old vines (50 years), trodden underfoot in the marble lagares and then matured in new French oak barrels for 14 months.

A portent of life and class, notes of liquorice, china ink, very dense and deep with great freshness and definition, engaging with an enviable complexity. A wine that despite their 7 years is still very new, very mature and clean wild fruit, wrapped in a mantle of balsamic notes, where the very well integrated wood hugs a set of luxury. Mouth consistent, you will feel a whole firm, intense and at the same time harmonious, deep and conqueror wine with a very long finish. A hymn to the region and to the glorious past of the house.

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