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Patrícia Pais Leite Partner and co-founder

Patrícia Pais Leite

Partner and co-founder

Academic background: Law Degree and MBA in Management;
Professional Experience: Attorney (as trainee), Collaborator of Multinational Consultancy Company, Industrial Property and Management Support Consultant, Professional Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker;
Experience in the Wine Sector (14 years): Head of the Legal Department of a Regional Wine Commission (specialization in national and EU regulation, in the institutional functioning of the national sector, in national certification of wines with Designation of Origin and Geographical Indication and in Wines’ Industrial Property);
Trainer on sector functioning, on certification rules and basic concepts of wines; Writer for the specialized Press (until March 2013).

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Surf n Turf

Text Ilkka Sirén
It’s no secret that most Portuguese wine regions are still unknown for most people. They are even quite unknown for people working in the wine industry.

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Craving for Crayfish

Text Ilkka Sirén
Yes. It’s that time of the year again. Like every year on 21st of July at noon the crayfishing season starts. And like every year I’m both excited and just a tiny bit scared.

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The Lighthouse Keepers

Text Ilkka Sirén
Let’s just put it out there; winter sucks! Sure snow is nice, winter sports, skiing, Christmas etc. but let’s be honest, Summer was the reason why we humans were put on this Earth.

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