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The Quinta de Chocapalha is situated in the vicinity of Aldeia Galega da Merceana (Alenquer) 45km from Lisbon. A place where the tradition of wine is well rooted and whose quality of wines and vineyards dates back to the 16th century, with recent history placing the Quinta in the hands of the family Tavares da Silva in the 1980s.

Alice and Paulo Tavares da Silva, parents of winemaker Sandra Tavares da Silva, bought the property and, giving continuity to the ancient traditions of the house, have embarked on the production of wine investing both in the 45ha of vineyards and the wine cellar.


Tastins at Quinta da Chocapalha © Blend All About Wine, Lda

The results of this investment would only see the light of day in the harvest of 2000, the year in which it was acknowledged, and well, that the wines had already reached a level of quality above average. The success was guaranteed. The constant search for excellence combined with the pleasantness on the part of those who welcome us, make this project something very special, so special indeed that the demand for their wines led to the opening of a new and beautiful wine cellar, in 2012, more functional and with the ability to respond to the current demand.

The tradition is still very much alive at Quinta de Chocapalha and the art of making good wine seems to endure.
A well conducted wine tasting, always with a smile, where good disposition reigned. The day was rainy and unfortunately it was not possible to visit the vineyards, but the vineyards came up to us with a very good wine tasting where we tried the latest news.


Wines at lunch © Blend All About Wine, Lda

The wines have a very unique brightness, influenced by the proximity of the sea and the nature of the calcareous soils, allowing for an accentuated freshness with high quality fruit, where the definition of aromas and flavors makes all the difference. For all of those who could at any time, have doubted the capacity of these wines for aging, Arinto by Quinta de Chocapalha 2008 was given to taste, showing all the class of an adult wine with a beautiful complexity and freshness, signs that the Arinto grape, when well worked, needs time to show.

The brand Mar de Lisboa emerges as a more affordable line of wines with attractive labels, both the white 2013 as the red 2012 have proved themselves capable of delivering quality to the table. A very good option for daily consumption, fresh, good harmony with very present fruit , slight austerity in the red with split tannins , my choice falling into Mar de Lisboa white 2013.

The Quinta de Chocapalha brand encompasses the whole medium range of the house, where one can find the white and the red with the same name and a lot of quite interesting varietal wines, admittedly fresh and with an always present but very well balanced fruit.


Quinta de Chocapalha Arinto 2013 © Blend All About Wine, Lda

Quinta de Chocapalha Sauvignon Blanc 2013
A Sauvignon Blanc showing a more vegetable facet, mineral, dry and with great freshness, mild smoked background in the company of pip fruit. Shows grapple in the mouth, freshness and good flavor with persistent final.

Quinta de Chocapalha Arinto 2013
A very tense and nervous white wine, marked by notes of citrus, lemon tree leaf so characteristic of Arinto grape. Striking acidity in a wine with a very good austerity on the palate, asking for some more time in the bottle, promising a performance in the same way of the amazing 2008.

Quinta de Chocapalha Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
A clearly evident Cabernet Sauvignon on the nose, with good and fresh vegetal notes, highlight to a slight pepper that fades with time in the glass, giving place to mature wild fruit in a fresh set of great quality. The wine gives a small wink to Bordeaux in the profile, very fresh, with good body and tannins to hold the whole set for a good time in the home cellar.
The Chocapalha brand is used only for the tops of range from the Quinta. Here we find the Chocapalha Reserve white and the Vinha Mãe and CH by Chocapalha.


CH by Chocapalha Touriga Nacional 2011 © Blend All About Wine, Lda

Chocapalha Reserve white 2013
Comparing with the Reserva 2012, the Chardonnay dropped the Viosinho and appears now with 15% of Arinto. Resulting in a less greasiness profile than in the previous version, to appear now more perfumed and loose, fresh, wrapped in a fragrance very delicate and feminine, small greasiness of Chardonnay in a fresh set, tasty with a very good presence on the palate, very classy in a fruity and persistent final.

Chocapalha Vinha Mãe 2010
A very intense wine, fresh and deep, where the wild berries shine; spices, cohesive and very tight, full of life. Immersive, of firm structure with a striking passage through the palate. Very fresh and showing slight austerity of tannins in a long and lingering finish.

CH by Chocapalha Touriga Nacional 2011
Shows a fresh, very expressive and impressive Touriga Nacional, with great intensity and depth, with lots of juicy black fruits and the floral violet aroma. Attractive and at the same time, giving signs that it needs more rest in the bottle. Large amplitude in the mouth, striking with much fruit flavor, some wood toast with a lingering slight minerality in the end. Long and persistent finish.

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