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Text Olga Cardoso | Translation Bruno Ferreira

The Caves da Murganheira are located in the Távora-Varosa region, where the Douro and Beira regions meet. These fertile lands of the Varosa Valley combine excellent climatic and geological conditions which are favorable to the creation of wines of superior quality, basis of the best Portuguese sparkling wines.

It was founded over 60 years ago and possesses 30 heactares of own vineyard but controls and monitors over 1000 hectares of associated grape suppliers.

Blend-All-About-Wine-Caves da Murganheira-Vineyard

Vineyards – Photo Provided by Murganheira | All Rights Reserved

The care over the vineyard is huge and is at the hand of very experienced professionals whose knowledge origin is probably from the medieval wisdom of Cistercian Monks.

Murganheira is a company with a family basis. It was acquired by Orlando Lourenço in the mid-80’s and is now led by his sons Miguel and Herlander. The winemaking direction is also at the hands of a family member – his daughter in law Marta Lourenço.

It has a very well-equipped winery where strict winemaking processes are put in place, according to ancestral techniques that are permanently being perfected.

In addition to Caves da Murganheira the company also possesses Caves da Raposeira and the Tapada do Chaves property in Alentejo.

Murganheira’s sparkling wines age in their blue granite cellars, which provide a perfect environment for the wine’s evolution and guarantees all the authenticity that the brand got their consumers used to.

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The cellars – Photo Provided by Murganheira | All Rights Reserved

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The Cellars – Photo Provided by Murganheira | All Rights Reserved

There’s also place for the “Degorgement á la Volée”, which is the culmination of this whole process of preparation of sparkling wines of exceptional quality.

Murganheira’s fame is associated with quality but is also one of the domestic producers with a better graphic image, which is reflected in advertising campaigns, creative packaging and beautiful space for reception and tasting.

Blend-All-About-Wine-Caves da Murganheira-Tasting Room

The Tasting Room – Photo Provided by Murganheira | All Rights Reserved

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The Tasting Room – Photo Provided by Murganheira | All Rights Reserved

Their sparkling wines are separated into 3 categories or groups named special, classic and gastronomic, and all of them possess an excellent quality-price relation.

Elegant and full of character, Murganheira sparkling wines are produced based on the following grape varieties: Malvasia Fina, Gouveio Real, Cerceal, Chardonnay, Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz and Pinot Noir.

Talking about all of them would be a herculean task and not suitable for the cyber world so I selected the four that surprised me the most.


Golden color and elegant perlage. Refined aroma with complexity, showing jam fruit, biscuit, flowers, in a tone that immediately shows empathy. In the mouth is creamy with good volume, soft and unctuous, very textured with a large and pleasant finish. A fine sparkling wine.

Blend-All-About-Wine-Caves da Murganheira-Chardonnay

Murganheira Chardonnay Bruto 2008 – Photo Provided by Murganheira | All Rights Reserved

Blend-All-About-Wine-Caves da Murganheira-Único

Murganheira Único Bruto 2008 – Photo Provided by Murganheira | All Rights Reserved


This sparkling wine is made from the grape variety Sauvignon Blanc and shows itslef very delicate in the nose with the grape variety a little bit hidden at first. In the mouth the grape variety appears with its vegetal flavors. Evident are also fruits like passion fruit and apricot as well as vanilla notes. Very balanced and concentrated this sparkling wine has a truly captivating mousse.


Salmon color with a nose marked by subtle aromas of red fruits joined by slightly smoked and resinous notes. The mouth is amazingly elegant and passionate with a very delicate mousse and the Pinot touches come with delicacy and sofistication. Murganheira Czar is a sparkling wine of outstanding quality.

Blend-All-About-Wine-Caves da Murganheira-Czar Rosé

Murganheira Czar Cuvée Rosé Bruto 2008 – Photo Provided by Murganheira | All Rights Reserved

Blend-All-About-Wine-Caves da Murganheira-Vintage Bruto

Murganheira Vintage Bruto 2006 – Photo Provided by Murganheira | All Rights Reserved


Truly remarkable, it shows a nose marked by the Pinot Noir red fruits together with citric, biscuit and fine spices aromas. The mouth is colossally elegant. Engaging mousse and perfect acidity. All very delicate with tremendous glow and class. A world class Portuguese sparkling wine.

I strongly advise those who enjoy sparkling wines to get a deeper knowledge over the Murganheira‘s range. Their entry range have the capability of give great pleasure and the top-end range are remarkable sparkling wines full of finesse and category. Sparkling wines of superior quality.

To get to know Murganheira‘s universe better see here the company’s institutional video.

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