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Ilkka Sirén

Wine Writer

Ilkka Sirén is a wine communicator from Helsinki, Finland. His passion for wine started in Brazil, believe it or not, where he lived as a teenager.
Ilkka did his first harvest in the Douro Valley and since then he has been working with some of the most well-known winemakers in Portugal, South Africa and Spain.
After returning to Finland he founded a video blog called ViiniTV (2009-2013) which was voted the best wine blog in Finland. Additionally, Ilkka was shortlisted in the first ever IWSC Blogger of the Year competition in 2012.
Ilkka spends much of his time traveling around the world constantly learning about wine and communicating to his followers the stories behind this great beverage.
He is a passionate communicator but most of all a wine drinker and an aficionado of all things tasty. He is also an Official Sherry Educator certified by the Consejo Regulador de Jerez de la Frontera.

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Surf n Turf

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It’s no secret that most Portuguese wine regions are still unknown for most people. They are even quite unknown for people working in the wine industry.

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Craving for Crayfish

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Yes. It’s that time of the year again. Like every year on 21st of July at noon the crayfishing season starts. And like every year I’m both excited and just a tiny bit scared.

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The Lighthouse Keepers

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Let’s just put it out there; winter sucks! Sure snow is nice, winter sports, skiing, Christmas etc. but let’s be honest, Summer was the reason why we humans were put on this Earth.

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