Rubrics of Porto wines

Porto Fonseca Bicentenary

Text João Barbosa | Translation Jani Dunne
Wines can be classified as good or bad, those with stories and those without, those which have history and those which don’t. Only good wines reach this last level. Longevity allows for historical stories.

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Easter Witches and Port

Text Ilkka Sirén
Easter time is upon us. We Finns are quite talented in taking any religious holiday, remove anything vaguely religious about it and turn it into a big eating and drinking fest.

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The Holy Alliance of Cheeseburgers and Port Wine

Text Ilkka Síren
Now before you go all “oh no he didn’t”, consider this for a second. Pairing food and wine was never meant to be an impossible task. If we start breaking things into molecular level we risk being bored to death by our own curiosity.

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Graham’s – Ne Oublie … Very Old Tawny Port

Text Olga Cardoso | Translation Teresa Calisto
The Symington family has launched a wine from 1882 to celebrate the arrival in Portugal of the family’s pioneer. The name couldn’t have been more exemplar. Ne Oublie – meaning unforgettable or do not forget! Ne Oublie is more than an extraordinary wine; it is a family jewel, a historical and cultural relic.

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Burmester Colheita 2001

Text João Pedro de Carvalho
Walking through the streets of the Historic Center of Vila Nova de Gaia is like going back in time, imagining the scrolling of Port barrels on the narrow streets, the huge wine aging rooms where authentic unbottled dreams live.

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