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To the table, “Barely Clothed” – Pouca Roupa

Text João Barbosa | Translation Jani Dunne

Some phrases are just so funny, and we hear them so often that we hardly ever think about what they really mean… For instance “A close cut with Campo de Ourique” (similar to “By the skin of your teeth”) is a referral to a seaquake in 1755, that almost went up the hill in Campo de Ourique. This phrase is enough; I am not here to write a book.

In the world of cuisine – out of which I focus solely on wine or other drinks – there are equally useful expressions and, when in a rush to find the right words, a few often drown.

My favourite expression is “pool wine”. What an image – even if it isn’t a pool filled with actual wine. The heat, the sun, family and friends… Just grand! But… Does any of us own a pool or even know anybody with a private pool?

I’m afraid I don’t have a pool – personal misfortune. Another good scene for wine is after the beach, when the ladies wrap themselves up in cloths of washed-out colours and men pull a pullover over their heads and then contort to the sound of the rough salt, cotton and hair put together.

Stretched out on the terrace chairs – everything is allowed while on holiday – watching the sun set into the sea, drinking “a wine for the end of a day at the beach”. Just grand! But… Can any of us bear a glass of wine between leaving the sand and walking into our home? Well, besides the driving issues… At the dinner table, It’s a different story. But “a wine for the end of a day at the beach”?

Anyway – “Pool wine” and “a wine for the end of a day at the beach” are amazing phrases. Why do they come about? Well, the new wine collection by João Portugal Ramos is out, of course. It’s a must!

Pouca Roupa, or “Barely Clothed”! Two words to shorten what already was short. “Pool wine” and “a wine for the end of a day at the beach”. I confess, when I first heard about Pouca Roupa, I dreamt up a whole range: Bikini (bi-varietal), Monokini (single cast), Trikini (three, of course)… As for G-string and trunks, well… And then Nudity, once it’s empty.

What hides behind this brand and its shades of black, white and pink? It does get straight to the point: an easy catch. All of them, some happier, some not as happy – all to be expected. All three are Regional Alentejano and come from the 2014 harvest.

Pouca Roupa red 2014

Pouca Roupa red 2014 is seasoned with Dão… OK, touriga nacional. Touriga nacional belongs to the world, which means it also belongs to Alentejo, where it takes up a lot of land. The field blend also includes alfrocheiro and alicante bouschet.

Here is what I have to say: 14% alcohol is too much. As long as the acidity takes on the alcohol, our body doesn’t care. If we think “barely clothed”, the alcohol proof is high. I would only point my finger at the alcohol proof. Otherwise, it is quite pleasant.


Pouca Roupa white 2014

Pouca Roupa white 2014 is a different kind of Alentejo wine, with Viosinho, Sauvignon Blanc and Verdelho grapes composing a symphony to our senses. Once again, good acidity and good with light meals. I bow to its 12.5% alcohol.


Pouca Roupa Rosé 2014

Pouca Roupa Rosé 2014 was made from touriga nacional, aragonês and cabernet sauvignon grapes. Greedy! The acidity is more than enough for its 13% alcohol. Although, “barely clothed” in mind, this seems like a slightly exaggerated proof.

All we have to do now is hope that Spring is gentle and that the Summer is a good friend; that the time for pleasure does not mean a bad time for the crops. My first recommendation went to a friend with a pool.

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