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Quintas de Melgaço – QM Homenagem Reserva 2014

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Today we head towards the beautiful region of Vinho Verde where the grape variety Alvarinho is queen.

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It is the terroir of Monção and Melgaço that gives birth to the best specimens of Alvarinho, and very recently, by the hand of Quintas de Melgaço, was released one of such specimens of taking off the hat. Around there, it all began about 20 years ago due to Amadeu Abílio Lopes’s love for the homeland (Melgaço), founder of Quintas de Melgaço and who was recently honored with the launch of this QM Homenagem Reserva 2014. The Quintas de Melgaço brings together passion and tradition, we’re talking about more than 500 producers in the region that get their grapes to the winery. From the best Alvarinho grapes of 2014 was born this precious and rare wine, which aged in wood and had a final production of around thousand units.

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The Quinta – Photo Provided by Quintas de Melgaço | All Rights Reserved

At the risk of repeating myself, it is necessary to draw the attention of consumers to the current quality of white wines created in this region of excellence. The evidence regarding the quality and longevity are more than proven year after year. A warning that suits wines of all ranges because even the cheapest wines have surprises just around the corner. The truth is that the virtuosity with which the Minho white wines glow at the table is fantastic, even more so if we consider it as an accompaniment to everything that is fish or shellfish. They seem to have the Midas touch and it should be noted the fact that the region did not let itself be consumed by external grape varieties instead of its native grape varieties Alvarinho, Loureiro, Trajadura, Avesso… because they were able to understand that this is there where they shine and know how to win us with all their energy and perfume.

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QM Homenagem Reserva – Photo Provided by Quintas de Melgaço | All Rights Reserved

Let us, therefore, meet the will of such a special wine like this QM Homenagem Reserva 2014, which enjoys a fantastic energy and freshness. The grape variety shows itself with panache and some daringness, razor-sharp acidity with a good mineral austerity in the background. The passage by wood gives it extra complexity and slightly calms its spirit, for the rest it’s one of those whites that needs time in the glass but essentially in the bottle, for further growth. It was accompanied by a white grouper cataplana with cockles and mussels, to be drank and cry for more.

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