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Quinta do Fojo Wines

Text José Silva

In a country environment, in the open Pinhão river valley, with vineyards everywhere, a vertical tasting of Quinta do Fojo wines took place. Access to the farm is difficult and we did the final part on foot, better admiring the beauty of the farm and of the rural house. The house was built for the owners to follow harvest time, very well integrated in the landscape, with very interesting details, that have been maintained and protected.

The surrounding trees are the natural link with the vineyards that encircle the house, with a huge yard in the middle, to enjoy summer meals, as was the case, or to enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the afternoon in contemplation of the Douro sunset.


Quinta do Fojo – Photo By José Silva | All Rights Reserved

After the short walk, we took our place at the table for the first vertical tasting of the Quinta do Fojo wines. And through our glasses marched the existing vintages till now:

Vinha do Fojo 1996
In a year of great production, there were very interesting wines, like this one. Light red, clean, refined and sophisticated in the nose, scented, beautiful acidity, still some red fruits, dry.

Fojo 1996
Although from the same year, it has got a different attitude, light red color with brown spots, more closed, although refined and scented. Full, wonderful structure, great volume, good tannins, a lot of ripe red fruit, long, very good.


Tasted Wines – Photo By José Silva | All Rights Reserved

Fojo 1998
In a different year, a different wine. Light red, refined, fantastic nose, sophisticated, even scented and with some spices, fascinating.
Involving, with vibrant acidity, delicious tannins and wonderful red fruit, slightly dry. Enormous final…

Fojo 1999
In a difficult year, a very interesting wine. Light red with brown spots, refined nose, though a little bit closed, but sophisticated. Well balanced acidity, a little bit dry, persistent tannins, complex, fleshy, with a long final.

Fojo 2000
A year with very good wines, it is intense light red, still closed in the nose, deep, sophisticated, very refined. Round but dry, powerful tannins giving it structure, still very fresh red fruit, excellent acidity in a very young wine, to last some more years.

Fojo 2001
The first year of the millennium reveals great wines like this. Light red, refined, intense in the nose, full, a lot of red fruit. Refined and with beautiful structure in the mouth, safe tannins, fantastic acidity, still a lot of red fruit, fleshy, great final.


Quinta do Fojo’s House – Photo By José Silva | All Rights Reserved

Lunch was then served, in the company of all of the six wines tasted, which allowed us to do a variety of matches and understand the performance of each one of them, now with company. The wines are very gastronomic and healthy, they will evolve for many years. Safe, with obvious profile, the differences come only from the influence of the different years. Prepared with grapes from the old Fojo vineyards, they are a good investment as wines to keep and fortunately, all of them are still available.

Douro at its best.


Rita Marques Photo By José Silva | All Rights Reserved


Margarida Serôdio Borges – Photo By José Silva | All Rights Reserved












Since the beginning of the Quinta do Fojo wine project, winemaking was lead by winemaker and a good friend, David Baverstock. Only in the 2001 harvest he was not there anymore.

Meanwhile there has been a breakdown in the production of these wines, an option of the producer, but we guess they will return soon, now with the help of winemaker Rita Marques, a truthful fan of the Fojo wines. Together with the owner, Margarida Serôdio Borges, it’s a new pair of women dealing cards in an excellent Douro wine production.

Old vineyards will still be there, producing wonderful grapes for Fojo wines…

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