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Burmester Colheita 2001

Text João Pedro de Carvalho

Walking through the streets of the Historic Center of Vila Nova de Gaia is like going back in time, imagining the scrolling of Port barrels on the narrow streets, the huge wine aging rooms where authentic unbottled dreams live. To Visit each of the cellars is to enter a world apart, despite the thread that unites them. Inside lives a silence that endures in history, perhaps only the whisper of divine nectar is the only sound that deserves to be heard, authentic flags of knowledge that if they could speak, would have so much to tell us, such is the history and secrets that they enclose.


Burmester Colheita 2001 – Photo by João Pedro de Carvalho | All Rights Reserved

Burmester belongs to the Sogevinus group and is an expert producer when it comes to the category of Tawny Port. Such is the case of the Burmester Colheita 2001, a wine of very new profile with all the vicissitudes that this brings , since its complexity doesn’t reach the levels achieved by wines of greater age, but still maintains the same thread so characteristic of this producer’s greater Porto Colheita . If placed side by side with a 20 Year Old Tawny, we will have by comparison a much more complex wine, the result of the mastery of blending the diverse harvests/vintages (escolher um ou outro termo) that make it up.

With a less lacy bouquet but at the same time slightly evolved, deep and intense, full of life, with notes of hazelnut and dry apricot. It already shows an unctuous touch on the palate with great freshness and elegance, in a passage that leaves good memories. The pleasure of drinking a young Porto Colheita is something unique; having side by side the magic of oxidation with the strength of youth, capable of fantastic pairings such as with a generous slice of Fruit Cake.

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Vila Nova de Gaia
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