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Blandy’s – Over 200 years of history

Text Bruno Mendes

It’s in one of the portuguese archipelagos, specifically in Madeira, that we can find Blandy’s. It’s a secular producer of Madeira wine with over 200 years of existence, which was founded by John Blandy who arrived at this archipelago in 1808.

Here are used the most modern winemaking techniques, but without ever neglecting the old and secular traditions of Madeira wine.

The wine is aged in two stages. In the first process the wine undergoes oxidation in a warm space where the bouquets flourish and the wine transforms into Madeira wine. The second phase takes longer, lasts years. The wines are stored in a cooler place in barrels to sharpen their bouquet.

For a more detailed view of the history and wines from this company please see the video below.

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