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Blackett – Dated Ports or the path of temptation…

Text João Pedro de Carvalho | Translation Bruno Ferreira

I have indeed a big crush by Port wine, and more specifically by dated Tawnies. The ladder or path of temptation and damnation that the 10, 20, 30 or over 40 years represent, is for me a paradise without end. I admit that my wallet does not allow me to enjoy the heavenly pleasures and all the exclusivity that an over 40 years gives us. But I can also say that I get quite satisfied with the more affordable pleasures that 10 and 20 Years provide. Well, with this in mind I have to bring to conversation the newest recent releases of a producer that has already been approached here, Blackett. In fact, it becomes difficult to have to go down the stairs because once we’re up here it all looks more beautiful and graceful. The luxuries of a 30 Years Port are quite different, and who likes to give them up?

The presentation of the producer was approached in the previous article when I focused on the Blackett 30 years. This time I changed the twists to the game, if it was even a game, and I started the tasting with the Blackett 10 years, a style in which was expected to be the fruit to appear in large numbers like in other houses, but not here, the fruit eventually comes but we can notice that the evolution and even the whole blend that was built around there has a slightly more evolved bouquet and that is good, very good. So we’re before a 10 years that appears to be a little older, sweet-tooth and fresh, with greatly involving and a great definition of flavors. The fruit is present in its most macerated touches, raisin fruit, a good unctuosity combining with dried fruit and a buttery touch. On the palate shows up very fresh, complex, with a beautiful balance between fruit/unctuosity/ freshness/sweetness, in a long finish. It is the golden key to end in beauty a meal with friends, family or even that late evening when the calm has already taken over.

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Port Blackett 10 years – Photo Provided by Alchemy Wines | All Rights Reserved

Ending in beauty with the 20 Years, which I dare to say that it was the one I liked the most from this trilogy of Port Blackett, even more than the 30 years. Perfect balance between the energy of youth and the wisdom that only comes with age. With all of this the end result could only be very good. A greater presence of dried fruit with a touch of caramel, broad and unctuous, very fresh, showing an ability to captivate us more and more. The palate conquers us thanks to the harmony it displays, slightly drier but with a more lasting presence. It’s a 20 Years Port of high level that goes directly into my lot of favorites wines. It’s one of those wines designed to accompany our own private moments, on the couch listening to our favorite CD or reading the book that catches our attention or that series we follow religiously the end of the night.

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